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'Love games' from Nikolai Angelov - Gari, was exposed in Vazrajdane Gallery in Plovdiv

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Classics of Plovdiv

Alexandar Banderov


Alexander Banderov (1933 - 2007) was born in the Rhodope village Lyaskovo. Graduate Higher Agricultural Institute in Plovdiv.

Longtime editor in the newspaper. "Fatherland voice" and publishing "Hristo G. Danov".

Poetry his "Best lesson" (1962), "The day has two faces" (1967), "Bulgaria, Leto 893" (1970), "Journey to the Mountain" (1974), established him as one of the sharpest poets from generation to generation April, but thematically and stylistically remained outside.

Poetic profile of Al. Banderov completed in an inimitable way in the books "When you away" (1979), "If you remain Memories" (1982), "Night galaxies" (1983), "Beyond the blue mountains" (1986), "Blanking notebook" (1991) , "Destruction of hours" (1993).

Alexander Banderov lives in Toronto, Canada, where she wrote dramatic nostalgic his last poetry "Vigvama of Oriliya.

Poems of Ontario" (2001), "Reflections of malachite" (2003), essayistic "Among sunny copies of Twilight" (2004), farewell "Beyond" (2007).

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Peter Kraevski

She is such a strange,...

Peter Kraevski is the author of seven books – satirical poems, poetry and prose. His book “Hi, How are You?” (satirical poems) was officially proclaimed to be the best-selling book for November 2001 in “Otetz Paisii” bookstores. His collection of poetry “Somnambul” won the “Svetlostrui” National award as the best poetry book for the period 2006-2008. Peter Kraevski is the author of the novel “4at, or Farewell to Arcadia” which was published in 2009, "Operation Laughing Gas" (humorous stories) published in 2012 and "Burned Letters" (poetry) published in 2016.

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Stanislava Stanoeva

Passion Week

Stanislava Stanoeva is a contemporary modern Bulgarian poet. She lives in the City of Plovdiv. Author of 4 poetry books - "The death of the executioner" (1999), "One Flew in Stone" (2003), "Cities and other Islands" (2009), "Theory of Everything" (2012).

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Ekaterina Kostova

The Ship of the Alvares Family

Ekaterina Kostova is the author of three novels. Born in Plovdiv. Currently she lives in Spain. The third novel of Ekaterina Kostova “St. Nicola from the Bay of the horseshoe” (Fast Print Books) was published in 2016. At the same year the author won a national poetry competition with the poem “Season of dreams”.

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Alexandrina Delova


Bridges are my weakness - I always live in a place with bridges: Plovdiv, Sankt Peterburg, Istanbul, Montreal, even in my current small town in a bend of the Saint-Lawrence river from the window I see a bridge that sometimes hides in the descended clouds.

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Katia Stoilova

Erotic Verse

Katia Stoilova is the author of five books of poetry. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology. Lives in Plovdiv.

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Classic Verse

Assen Dimitrov - Felix


“This poetry stirred my feelings of excitement and anticipation.Here starts off its dramatic adventure in the future.I am satisfied that the Bulgarian words have inspired another honest .brave and talented pen!“

Peter Anastassov

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A Guest from Israel

Gabriella Elisha

I named her Drora

Gabriella Elisha (has published also under the name Ella Bat-Tsion) is an Israeli poet, born in 1954, living in Jerusalem, Israel.

Has published 11 books of poetry, has translated poetry from English (Ryokan, Elsa Gidlow) and French (Robert Desnos, Paul Eluard), has edited a printed magazine of poetry in the years 1990-1992 named Mirpesset (which means Balcony) and nowadays she is editing an online poetry magazine named Aspaklarya (which means Mirror; ). From time to time she writes short essays about specific poems and poetry collections.

Gabriella has been awarded many literary prizes and participated in the 4th international poetry festival in Jerusalem 1997, the 35th international poetry festival in Rotterdam 2004 and the 20th international poetry festival "Ditet e Naimit" in Tetova (Macedonia).

Gabriella has studied librarianship, chikong, and language editing, and she is working as a proofreader with publishing houses.

Poetry website:

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Rozalia Aleksandrova

I have been loving You

Rozalia is an author of 10 poetry books. In March 2006 together with her colleagues she founded a literary intellectual association "Quantum and Friends" for Quantum poetry. She is the Chairman of the Association.

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